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RJ34 Handheld Nuclide Recognition Instrument

Short Description:

The RJ34 digital portable spectrometer is a nuclear monitoring instrument based on the sodium iodide (low potassium) detector and using the advanced digital nuclear pulse waveform processing technology. The instrument integrates a sodium iodide (low potassium) detector and a neutron detector, which not only provides environmental dose-equivalent detection and radioactive source positioning, but also identifies the vast majority of natural and artificial radionuclides.

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Product introduction

 The RJ34 digital portable spectrometer combines the latest achievements in scintillation detectors, electronics and software, combined with advanced communication technology, for a high level of intelligence. It has been widely used in the relevant departments of radiation monitoring and protection, providing reliable technical support and decision-making contribution to the national anti-terrorism and nuclear emergency response, nuclear power plant, customs and entry-exit inspection and quarantine.

hardware configuration

Custom thin film keys

High-strength ABS anti-electromagnetic interference waterproof housing

Large color liquid display screen

Multilayer digital analysis of a gold-plated circuit

High-speed dual-core processor

Color backlight processor

USB data wire

Large capacity lithium battery

High-speed voltage charger

Anti-overload probe

A 16G mass memory card

High-strength waterproof packing box

the key technical indexes

① Detector: 5050mmNal, GM tube, neutron detector (optional);

② Dose rate range: 100nSv / h~30mSv / h;

③ Energy range: 30keV~3MeV (ray); thermal neutron ~14MeV (neutron);

④ Energy resolution: 7.5%@661.7keV;

⑤ confidence:70%~100%;

⑥ The instrument will display the automatic switch according to the "range", and protect the probe off;

⑦ Address: 1024 lanes;

⑧ Storage capacity: 400,000 sets of 1,024 lane spectrum data;

⑨  Communication interface: USB interface;

⑩ It has battery power monitoring, fault detection and threshold alarm functions.

⑪  Power supply: with 14.8V lithium ion charging battery pack (with charger);

⑫ Working hours:> 10 hours.

⑬  Dimensions: 228mm 124mm 107mm (length, width and height);

⑭ Weight: 1.5kg.

⑮ Operating temperature: -30℃ ~50℃;

⑯  Working Humidity: 90%R.H(35℃);

⑰ Storage temperature: -50℃ ~70℃.

Product diagram


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