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With the rapid development of nuclear science, the radiation practice is also gradually increasing. Radiation practice brings great benefits to human beings, but also brings certain harm to human beings and the environment.

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In order to promote the development of nuclear science, nuclear energy and other radiation applications, while ensuring the arrangement of radiation staff and the public, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding radiation protection work. The protective equipment mainly used in radiation protection includes body mold, protective clothing, protective cap, protective gloves, etc.

RJ51 Lead Protective Clothing

The six-piece sets include: hat, scarf, vest (replaceable with half or long sleeves), belt, gloves, and glasses.


 RJ52 tantalum suit

The material of protective clothing is a personal protective material that can protect against a variety of hazards, which can effectively reduce the harm of ionizing radiation and thermal radiation to the human body, but also can effectively reduce the human infrared radiation, and prevent it from being detected by infrared equipment. This material is soft, lightweight, strong and durable, and waterproof.

Protective clothing is designed for biological, chemical, nuclear radiation and other hazards.

1.1. functional characteristics:

① Metal Tantalum Fiber Material

② Lead-free, non-toxic material, is currently the lightest material

③ Industrial products detected by a radio-ray test

④ To ensure the safety of all parts of the body

⑤ Especially suitable for the military anti-terrorism team and accident handling and rescue

1.2. Protection capability:

① Protection,,, ray; 0.5mmPb lead equivalent-130KVp ray

② Protective nuclear aerosols

③ Protective chemicals

④ Chlorine gas protection time is> 480min

⑤ Ammonia gas protection time was> 480min

⑥ Ethane sulfate liquid> 170min

⑦ Sulphuric acid> 480min


RJ53 neutron protective clothing

1.1. functional characteristics

① Easy to wear and take off, and excellent softness, light weight, comfortable to wear

② Improve the shielding performance, which can block 99.9% of hot neutrons


RJ54 Ray-ray Protective Equipment

1.1.  Product profile

According to the industrial used for flaw detection, medical application, the characteristics of radioactive pharmaceutical, radiation in industrial and medical role is huge, however, after radiation into the human body is absorbed biological effect has damage to the human body, and protective products have a great density, so its shielding performance is very high, can effectively shield ray damage to the human body.

1.2. Product application

① Radioactive source full container

② Gamma radiation shield block

③ Oil drilling equipment

④ X-ray aiming instrument

⑤ tungsten alloy

⑥ PET shield

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