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RJ32 Split-type multifunctional radiation dosimeter

Short Description:

RJ32 split-type multifunctional radiation dosimeter, with radiation warning and energy spectrum analysis functions,can be connected with a variety of professional radiation measurement probes, and can be connected with mobile APP online with analysis software for professional analysis.

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Product introduction

It is mainly used in places with high requirements for radiation monitoring, such as environmental monitoring (nuclear safety), radiation health monitoring (disease control, nuclear medicine), homeland security monitoring (entry and exit, customs), public safety monitoring (public security), nuclear power plants, laboratories and nuclear technology applications.

Large display
Intuitive user interface with easy to view parameters in bright daylight and dark environments. All parameters in one display for overview and easily accessible settings.

Fast response time
The dose sensitive GM tube enables a fast response time even at very low dose rates while the silicon diodes provide accuracy and speed at higher dose rates.

Convenient data storage
The dose rate value is automatically saved every second providing comfort not to lose data and enabling measurement analysis at a later stage. The data can be transferred to PC with the software.

Sensitive, stable sensors
Silicon diodes combined with an energy compensated GM tube provide high sensitivity and stability over a very wide energy and dose rate range.

Worry free
Wipe the instrument with a wet cloth or wash under rinsing water thanks to the IP65 classification. The durability and wide temperature range also makes indoor and outdoor measurements possible without worrying about the instrument.

RJ32-1108 (2)
RJ32-1108 (3)

Product features

① Split type design

② Can be used with more than ten kinds of probes

③ Fast detection speed

④ High sensitivity and multi-function

⑤ with Bluetooth communication function

⑥ In line with national standards

The host technical indicators

① Detector type: GM tube

② Detection ray type: X、γ

③ Mode of measurement: Real value、The average、Maximum cumulative dose:0.00μSv-999999Sv

④ Dose rate range: 0.01μSv/h~150mSv/h

⑤ Relative intrinsic error: ≤士15%(The relative)

⑥ Battery life: >24 hours

⑦ The host specifications: size:170mm×70mm×37mm;weight:250g

⑧ The work environment: Temperature range:-40C~+50℃;Humidity range:0%~98%R.H

⑨ Packaging protection class: IP65

Probe technical specifications

① Plastic scintillation detector dimensions: Φ75mm×75mm

② Energy response: 20keV~7.0MeV (The energy compensation)

③ Dose rate range: 

Environmental class: 10nGy~150μGy/h

Protection class: 10nSv/h~200μSv/h (The standard)

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