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RJ31-1305 personal dose (rate) meter

Short Description:

RJ31-1305 series personal dose (rate) meter is a small, highly sensitive, high range professional radiation monitoring instrument, which can be used as a microdetector or a satellite probe for monitoring network, transmit dose rate and cumulative dose in real time; shell and circuit are resistant to electromagnetic interference processing, can work in strong electromagnetic field; low power design, strong endurance; can work in harsh environment.

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Product Introduction

When the measured data exceeds the set threshold, the instrument automatically generates an alarm (sound, light or vibration). The monitor adopts high performance and low power processor, with high integration, small size and low power consumption.

Due to the superior technical features and specifications, the detector is widely used for dangerous goods detection in airports, ports, customs checkpoints, border crossings, and densely populated places.

Product characteristics

① Measured X, hard rays

② Low-power consumption design, long standby time

③ Good energy response and small measurement error

④ Comply with national standards

 hardware configuration

Bluetooth / WIFI (optional) High-strength ABS anti-electromagnetic interference waterproof housing HD-segment LCD screen
High-speed and low-power processor Ultra-low power circuit Charging lithium battery

 functional characteristics

① liquid-crystal display

② Measured X,hard rays

③ Various alarm methods, sound, light, vibration any combination is optional

④ Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability

⑤ Dose data were kept for a long time

⑥ GB / T 13161-2003 Direct read Personal X and radiation dose equivalent and dose rate

the key technical indexes

① Detectable ray type: X,, hard

② Detector: GM pipe (standard standard)

③ Display units: Sv, Sv / h, mSv, mSv / h, Sv

④ Dose rate range: 0.01 uSv / h~30mSv / h

⑤ Relative error: ± 15% (relative137Cs);

⑥ Energy response: ±40%(40kev~1.5MeV, relative137Cs)(apolegamy)

⑦ Cumulative dose range: 0μSv~999.99Sv

⑧ Dimensions: 83mm 74mm 35mm; weight: 90g

⑨ Working environment: temperature range-40℃ ~ + 50℃; Humidity range: 0~98%R.H

⑩ Power supply mode: One No.5 lithium battery

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