Professional supplier of radiation detection

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Company Profile

Professional supplier of radiation detection

We, ShangHai Ergonomics Detecting Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is a professional engaged in the nuclear industry intelligent instrument research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises.We are committed to anticipating, understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our clients include the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, etc. Our partners include Tsinghua University, South China University, Soochow University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chengdu University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, etc.

Today, medical device manufacturers, biomedical professionals, physicists, field service, and other medical personnel must meet increasing regulatory guidelines, higher quality standards, and rapid technological growth while performing their work faster and more efficiently than ever. We provide a diverse range of software and hardware tools to meet today's challenges.

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Our Team

Our company has a high-quality, experienced nuclear instrument research team, according to ergonomic standards to design products, each product has a humanized design, the company will be combined with perfect after-sales service system.

We foster an environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork, open debate, honest communication, and individual achievement. We seek the facts and provide insights. We allow our people to take risks, explore ideas, and find solutions in order to succeed.


Our Products

12 different types of nuclear radiation monitoring equipment, including radiation protection instruments, radiation environment monitoring instruments, radiation monitoring instruments, isotope application instruments, nuclear survey instruments and radioactive source monitoring systems; More than 70 different specifications of nuclear radiation monitoring instruments have been widely used in the nuclear industry, environmental protection, disease control, nuclear power, radiation medical, energy, petroleum, coal, building materials, metallurgy, food, commodity inspection, security, renewable resources and other fields; And has accumulated rich experience in nuclear emergency treatment, law enforcement monitoring, livelihood measurement, nuclear medicine and other application scenarios.

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