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RJ33 multi-function radioactive detector

Short Description:

RJ33 multi-function radiation detector can detect,, X, and neutron (optional) five rays, can measure the environmental radiation level, can also be surface pollution detection, and can choose carbon fiber extension rod and large dose radiation probe, is the best choice for radioactive detection site rapid response and nuclear emergency.

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Product introduction

Recommended application: environmental monitoring (nuclear safety), radiological health monitoring (disease control, nuclear medicine), homeland security monitoring (customs), public security monitoring (public security), nuclear power plant, laboratory and nuclear technology application, but also applicable to the renewable resources industry waste metal radioactive detection and family decoration building materials testing.

functional characteristics

① Pie detector

② High-strength ABS shell

③ Large screen display, all data with the same screen display, with backlight function

④ 16G SD card (store 400,000 data)

⑤  A machine, can detect surface pollution, ray, can also detect X, ray

⑥ A variety of external probes can be extended externally.

⑦ Overthreshold alarm, detector fault alarm, low voltage alarm, over-range alarm

the key technical indexes

(1) High integration: the instrument integrates sodium iodide (low potassium), which can measure the environmental dose rate in real time and quickly identify radionuclides;

(2) Nuclide database is large: Nuclide database is divided into five categories: natural, medical, industrial, SNM and nuclear industry;

(3) Using digital T-type filter forming technology: both energy resolution and pulse passing rate;

(4) Adopt a variety of power supply modes: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, external charging power supply;

the key technical indexes

① Main detector (1015 detector): pie detector

② Detector area: 15.69cm

③ Dose rate range: 0.01 Sv / h~5mSv / h (X, γ))

④ Sensitivity: 50cps / Sv / h (for 137Cs)

⑤ Energy range: 30keV~3MeV

⑥ Relative inherent error: ± 15% (relative 137Cs)

⑦ Cumulative dose range: 0 to 999999 m S v

⑧ Surface emission rate response:

Surface emissivity response of 0.21 (241Am,2πsr)

Surface emissivity response of 0.16 (36Cl,2πsr)

⑨ Display units: Sv / h, mSv / h, cps, cpm, mSv, Bq / cm (optional)

⑩ Alarm mode: the acoustic and optical alarm can be combined arbitrarily

⑪ Power-up working time:> 72 hours

⑫ Allcoming: startup can be used in 1 second without preheating; alarm within 5 seconds above threshold

⑬ Dimensions: 300mmX100mmX80mm

⑭ Packaging protection grade: IP65

⑮ Working environment: Temperature range: -30℃ ~ + 50℃ Humidity range: 98%R.H(40℃)

⑯ Weight: approximately 285g

the key technical indexes

5.1 Expand the detector

① Neutron detector (Type 7105Li6)

② Types of detectors:

③ 6The LiF scintillation neutron detector

④ Energy range: 0.025eV (hot neutron) ~14MeV

⑤ Count of life: 107

⑥ Detector size: 30mm 5mm;

⑦ Sensitivity: 0.6cps / Sv / h

⑧ Dose rate range: 1 Sv / h~100mSv / h


5.2 Auxiliary Kit

① Fiberglass Expansion Bar Kit TP4

② Material: Carbon fiber complex

③ Length: 1.3m after 3.5m shortening

④ At 0.6m after 1.3m shortening

⑤ Double insurance host and probe fast clip, 1 second fast plug

⑥ Weight: approximately 900g


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