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RJ 45-2 water and food radioactive contamination detector

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The RJ 45-2 water and food radioactive contamination detector are used to measure food and water (including various beverages)137Cs、131The specific activity of I radioisotope is an ideal instrument for households, enterprises, inspection and quarantine, disease control, environmental protection and other institutions to quickly detect the level of radioactive pollution in food or water.

The instrument is light and beautiful, with high reliability. It is equipped with high pixel and environmental protection and energy saving LCD color display. The human-computer interaction is simple and convenient, which is convenient for the staff to carry around and detect the target immediately. It has been widely used in the relevant departments of radiation monitoring and protection, providing reliable technical support and decision-making contribution to the national anti-terrorism and nuclear emergency response, nuclear power plant, customs and entry-exit inspection and quarantine.

Instrument use

In a non-war environment, this instrument can be used as an on-site nuclide activity detector, such as radionuclide activity analysis of nuclear waste treatment, radioactive pollution monitoring at the site of nuclear leakage accident, etc., and the required results can be obtained on site. It can also be used as a laboratory radionuclide activity analyzer to measure the collected samples. This instrument is one of the best instruments for nuclear radiation supervision, inspection and monitoring institutions, nuclear emergency center and other units to deal with the possible hidden dangers under the current situation of nuclear technology development.

In a war environment, the instrument can be used as a field monitor in nuclear war or nuclear radiation pollution areas to detect the activity of major radionuclides and the severity of the contamination, so as to provide a scientific and powerful basis for further related actions.

Functional features

Monolithic processor data processing and preservation, LCD directly shows radioactivity and specific activity

Up to 200 sets of historical data queries

The alarm indicator and buzzer inform the radioactive hazard

Functional software key design, easy to understand

Built-in micro battery, the internal clock continues to run, setting parameters are not lost

Random equipped with electronic scales or special measuring cups to measure liquid drinks and solid food

All-metal shell, built-in lead shielding layer, effectively isolate external radiation interference

Adapter and lithium battery dual power supply, can be used indoors or outside

Optional USB interface is connected to the PC to export the data

Main technical indicators

Detector: φ 45mm 70mm NaI detector + Marinelli cup

Dose rate range: 0.1 to 20 μ Sv / h (relative to Cs137);

Adaptive density range: 0.2~1.8g/cm3

Range range: 10 Bq / L~105Bq / L (relative to Cs137, Using the standard sample cup)

Measuring accuracy: 3%~6%

Minimum detection activity: 10 Bq / L (relative Cs137

Measurement speed: 95% reading 5 seconds (activity> 100 Bq)

Display units: Bq / L, Bq/kg

Ambient temperature: -20°C~40 °C

Relative humidity: 95%

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