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RJ32-2106P Pulse X, γ rapid detector

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Rj32-2106p pulse X, γ rapid detector is an integrated digital multi-function radiation patrol instrument, it can quickly and accurately measure X, γ two kinds of rays, the shortest can detect 3.2ms short-time exposure X leakage.

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Product introduction

The equipment is waterproof and dustproof and can work under harsh environment engineering. Is mainly used in the hospital, DR, fast exposure equipment such as CT radiation leakage detection, pulse pile of radiation field, radiological monitoring (CDC), nuclear medicine, homeland security monitoring (the entry and exit, customs), public security monitoring (public security), nuclear power plant, laboratory, and nuclear technology application situation, at the same time can also be applied to renewable resources industry scrap metal of radioactive monitoring.

Configure hardware

WiFi optional

High strength ABS Electromagnetic interference resistant waterproof housing

2.8 inch 320*240TFT Color liquid crystal display

Multilayer digital analysis gold plated circuit

High speed dual-core processor

16G Large capacity memory card

USB cable

Color backlight processor

High speed  charger

High strength waterproof packing box

Large capacity lithium battery

Customized film button

① Types of detectable rays:X、γ and high-energy beta rays

② The time-to-return algorithm is used,More sensitive to short pulse radiation

③ 4 different measurement modes are available Normal、Pulse、Search、Expert

④ Can detect short time X pulse radiation(Minimum response time:3.2ms)

⑤ The energy response in the range of 10KeV -- 10MeV is good

Charge integration and pulse are used, which can be switched freely according to the need

Main technical indicators

① The detector:Plastic scintillator Φ30mm×30mm

② The sensitivity:≥130cps/μSv/h

③ Dose rate of continuous radiation:50 nSv/h - 1mSv/h 

Dose rate of short-term radiation:1μSv/h-1mSv/h 

① Minimum measuring time:30ms(≥80% The true value)

② Energy range :20keV–10MeV

③ Relative intrinsic error:≤±15%

④ Environmental characteristics: Operating temperature range:-30℃~+45℃

⑤ Relative humidity range:≤90%R.H(40℃)

⑥ Power supply:The lithium battery

⑦ Power consumption: system current≤150mA

⑧ Instrument Specifications: Size:280mm×95mm×77mm;weight:<520g

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