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Gratitude for The Passed Ten Years Let’s Go Forward Hand in Hand | Review of the Tenth Anniversary Team Building of Shanghai Renji Chengdu Branch

The best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people .

From January 7th to 8th, 2024, a special team building activity unfolded vigorously to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Shanghai Renji Chengdu Branch. And at the same time, with full of longing and expectation for the future. 

This event had the theme of "Gratitude for Ten Years, Moving Forward Together"And set the tone as "Warm, Touching, Joyful, Lively" Showcasing the unique corporate culture and human care of Shanghai Renji.

This event was not just a simple team gathering,but also a profound journey to practice corporate values.

On January 7th, at 9 am, everyone gathered at the company's entrance and departed by bus. After about an hour's journey, everyone arrived at the activity site. After a collective warm-up in a passionate and lively atmosphere, the group was divided into four teams and each team decided on its name, flag, and slogan. Subsequently, everyone quickly got into the spirit in a joyful atmosphere and fully demonstrated the planning, communication, and execution capabilities of each team in different games.

team building 1
team building 2
team building 3
team building 4

Climbing the mountain without forgetting the original intention

In the afternoon, the climbing activity of Qingcheng Mountain officially kicked off. Moving forward, the beautiful scenery along the way made people feel happy and relaxed.

The cool mountain breeze blew through, making everyone feel delightful and full of smiles, experiencing the beauty brought by nature.

Climbing the mountain is not only a test of physical strength and perseverance but also requires firm faith and the courage to face difficulties.

team building 5
team building 6

Having fun in sports, enjoying health

In the evening, the participating athletes engaged in a half-day competition in basketball and badminton.

The competition was well-organized, with a cheerful atmosphere, intense excitement, and gripping moments.

The team members went all out, actively fought, and coordinated seamlessly, demonstrating the charm and passion of sports, showcasing the sporting style of Renji.

team building 7
team building 8
team building 9

Converging hearts and uniting as one

The next day, outdoor team building activities began, with the coach organizing warm-up preparation activities and officially kicking off the team building activities.

Subsequently, everyone participated in a series of exciting activities such as "fighting against the clock" and "creating a common vision", and the carefully designed projects sparked everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm.

Partners fully utilized the spirit of teamwork, collaborating wholeheartedly, facing challenges without fear, and excellently completing one activity task after another.

team building 10
team building 11
team building 12
team building 13
team building 14
team building 15
team building 16

Sharing cake and joy

Finally, wishing Shanghai Renji Instrument and Meter Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch a happy tenth anniversary!

Ten years of surges, and more efforts to set sail.

Ten years of walking, surely with steady and swift steps.

Every arrival means a new beginning.

Only by continuously moving forward can we reach the ideal destination.

Only by striving and fighting can we achieve brilliant achievements.

In the future, we will continue to fight side by side.

A new chapter for the next decade.

Setting sail against the wind, breaking through the waves, and creating brilliance again!

Post time: Jan-12-2024