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Congratulations to Shanghai Renji successfully passed the acceptance of Suzhou University graduate workstation expiration

Recently, Soochow University announced the "Notice on the Announcement of the expiry acceptance results of Soochow University Graduate Workstations in 2023", and Shanghai Renmachine passed the expiry acceptance.


Since the joint construction of Suzhou University graduate Workstation with the School of Radiation Medicine and Protection of Soochow University Health Center in 2018, Shanghai Renji has always strictly followed the "Suzhou University Graduate Workstation Management Measures", implemented the purpose of graduate workstation construction, earnestly performed the corresponding responsibilities, selected the postgraduate team, provided high-quality living and scientific research conditions, and implemented research funds. To promote universities to serve economic and social development as the guidance, in-depth promote industry-university-research cooperation.

In the next step, Shanghai Renji will give full play to its own production and research and development advantages, increase efforts to promote the construction of professional research and high-level talents, provide a good academic environment and learning opportunities for inbound personnel, stimulate scientific research enthusiasm and innovation potential, and promote the development of enterprises and universities to achieve a "win-win situation" with the integrated development of production and education.

Post time: Jan-04-2024